My Liforme Evolve Mat Review


My mat came as promised yesterday. When I got home I immediately opened her up and did a 30 minute practice with the fabulous Mary Beth LaRue on

I am pretty sure I made the right decision going with this mat.

It does have a slight rubbery smell but NOTHING like the Lululemon Mat. I am confident the slight odor will fade quickly. The grip is outstanding. And while I wasn’t sure about the alignment lines, I love them! The mat bag is very well made. I have a handmade bag, so I’m not sure if I will actually use the Liforme Bag. But if you do not have a mat bag, this one will last years.

I did not sweat very much during this practice but I have a good feeling it will perform just as well during a heavy vinyasa.

The biggest adjustment will be the width of the mat. I’m use to my mat being a tad wider. I also think Liforme should consider selling the mats at a cheaper price without the mat bag.

Overall, if you are looking for a new mat, I highly recommend the investment. You will not be disappointed.