My Liforme Mat Review – One Year Later

It’s been approximately one year since I received and began practicing on my Liforme Mat. I wrote a post about my very first practice experience and thought a one year review would be helpful to those Yogi’s thinking about purchasing this mat.

After one year…

This mat just keeps getting better. I love this mat so much more than I ever loved my Manduka Pro. The alignment guides have kept me honest in my postures and have improved my symmetry in poses; an often overlooked importance when not practicing in a Studio.

I am a pretty heavy sweater and the grip on this mat for me has been unparalleled. After a year, for me, the grip keeps getting better. I slid A LOT on my Manduka and it’s so nice to finally find a mat where I feel grounded and am able to engage strength where it’s needed instead of engaging to stop myself from face planting.

Bottom line, if you are thinking about buying this mat…do it. You won’t regret it!